Project Management Services

One of our core strengths that differentiates us from our competitors is our Project Management. Successfully implemented across a wide spectrum of industry's IT Infrastructure, our Project Managers are skilled and certified to manage the multi-facets of IT projects; ranging from User Management to Sub-Contractors Management to Building Main Contractor Management. Our project management processes include initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, as well as closing.

Structured Cabling System

Installation and maintenance of Structured Distribution Solutions need to be outsourced to skilled technicians and tradespersons. Choosing an installer may be difficult with today's standards for qualifications and credentials. Lansys Pte Ltd can install and maintain these Structured Distribution Solutions and evaluate specific requirements for each solution.

Networking Solution

With a team of skilled and certified engineers, we have the expertise and experience to design, supply and install networking solutions for most major brands ranging from Edge, Distribution and Core Switches, Routers, Wireless Infrastructure, IP Telephony, Load Balancer, Firewall and Security Appliances, etc.

Warranty and Maintenance Services

We offer customers a comprehensive warranty and maintenance support services that include helpdesk services, fault resolution, firmware support, hardware support, partner support, technical and consultancy services. All warranty and maintenance services come standard with fault management, troubleshooting and equipment replacement coverage. There are no additional costs for replacement of the faulty equipment, engineering time for troubleshooting, transportation and other costs related to the restoration of the affected services.

Value Added and Other Add-on Services

We also provide many value-added and customised add-on services. Such services include network capacity planning and design, online and offline cable management systems, site audit services, certification services of structured cabling system, etc.